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AIW Institute Partner Pike County School District Featured in Agenda Magazine.


The AIW Institute worked with Pike County Schools from 2013-2017 and helped to strengthen professional learning communities throughout the district. Recently, the school district was featured in the Georgia School Boards Association, Agenda Magazine. The article, What is the Portrait of a Graduate? Preparing Students in Pike County for a Complex Future, by Scotty Brewington, brings to light the successes that Pike County Schools have enjoyed. Superintendent Mike Duncan is quoted in the article, as he discusses preparing Pike County students for life beyond school:

The goal of Portrait of a Graduate is to prepare our students to navigate the complex world we live in so that they can tackle any challenge they face when they leave us. They will be equipped to go out into the world and be successful.

Mr. Duncan’s sentiments are familiar: the AIW Institute worked with him and his district for four years. During that time, the AIW coaches worked with staff to examine teaching practices, utilizing the AIW Framework.  A criterion within that framework, Value Beyond School, is clearly present in the Agenda Magazine article as it focuses on how students prepare for life beyond of the school walls. Working with Pike County has been a pleasure, and the AIW Institute is proud of the teachers and staff for all that have done and continue to do.

*Image courtesy of Pike County’s Portrait of a Graduate Program

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