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AIW in the Madison Metropolitan School District, WI

Lynn Glueck, Instructional Coach, Madison West High School
Lynn Glueck, Instructional Coach, Madison West High School

Since the 2015-2016 school year, Lynn Glueck has been an Instructional Coach at Madison West High School in the Madison Metropolitan School District, WI. And she has been an Instructional Coach in other school settings for five years prior to her time at Madison West.

As an Instructional Coach, Lynn works with teachers to help support their instructional practice where possible with the ultimate goal of enhancing student learning. As part of that work, Lynn recognized the need to “assess the rigor and relevance of our courses.” As a result, Lynn began working with AIW coaches and utilizing the AIW framework to determine if teacher tasks, instruction, and student learning contained: Construction of Knowledge, Disciplined Inquiry, and Value Beyond Schools.

Just Getting Started with AIW

Madison West High School developed teacher teams to get this work started. And while only a small group of teachers have engaged in this process, Lynn has already seen the impact of this work: “Teaching has been impacted in that the small number of teachers involved in the process have gained valuable feedback on their tasks and instruction with reference to the student performance. I’m certain student learning has been impacted by these teachers’ improved practice…though we haven’t directly tracked growth.”

AIW Enhances Current Initiatives

In addition to improving teachers’ practice, the AIW work has enhanced the current initiatives in the school such as: Personalized Pathways, Common Core State Standards, and Earned Honors.

While Madison West High School has just begun using AIW as an initial pilot, the plan is to expand this work in the school.



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