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“Coaching To What End?” A New Journal Article from AIW Coach Laura Lang


In her recently published article in the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, AIW Coach Laura Lang addresses the critically important question of, To what end do coaches carry out their work within schools? Focusing specifically on literacy coaching, Laura draws on critical theories of leadership and literacy, and examines how schools and coaching are sites of struggle over equity and democratic processes, what counts as knowledge, and whose knowledge is privileged.

Dr. Laura Lang has been instrumental in supporting schools’ implementation of AIW. Check out her posts on Nurturing Teacher Leadership¬†and Empowering Coaches & Teachers.


Figure 1 (above) from:
Lang, Laura M. (2018) Coaching to what end? The development and enactment of a shared critically oriented coaching discourse. Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal. Vol. 3:1, 51-67.

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