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Humboldt Community School District’s (IA) Culture of Collaborative Improvement


An article from the Iowa Department of Education newsletter brings to light the work that Humboldt Community School District (CSD) has been doing around the Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) Framework for Learning Supports. As part of this work, Humboldt CSD has been implementing Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) for the past ten years. The article features a quote from Tamela Johnson, Humboldt curriculum director:

 “AIW focuses us on improving the quality of teaching to help students develop higher-order thinking, demonstrate conceptual understanding of important disciplinary content, and engage in substantive conversations. All of us, whether we’re curriculum leads, mentor teachers, technology integrationists, data coaches, or instructional coaches are looking at teaching and learning through the AIW lens. We’re talking the same language and working toward the same end.”

The article further describes the process of working with AIW to strengthen collaborative teacher teams and enhance instruction.

AIW has been implemented throughout Iowa for many years, and schools there have made this work part of their standard operating procedure. To read more testimonials from Iowa school and district leaders, and to learn more about AIW, please visit the AIW Institute website.

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