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Working with the AIW Institute in EdLeader21’s 3-Year Roadmap


EdLeader21 has developed a thorough process for their members based on their trademark 4Cs RubricsThe 3-Year Roadmap. The Roadmap is a 3-year process for implementing the 4Cs and is aligned to EdLeader21’s 7 Steps for Education Leaders.

AIW as a Resource

One of the resources listed within the 3-Year Roadmap is the AIW Institute. Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) contains similar principles to the 4Cs in EdLeader21. Both bodies of work focus on developing skill-sets for students to succeed in life beyond school. Moreover, EdLeader21 member Pike County School District, has worked with the AIW Institute and implemented AIW. As Superintendent Mike Duncan stated:

AIW has changed the culture of teaching and learning in our district.  Professional learning teams are empowered with knowledge, skills, and processes to improve the intellectual outcomes for their students.  It has brought coherence and clarity as we work to develop creative problem solvers ready for college and career.  Teachers across all grade levels state it is the most impactful experience of their professional lives.

Pike County Primary School Instructional Coach April Teal has talked about how working with the AIW Institute has impacted her practice specifically:

Using the AIW rubrics to analyze my instructional practices helped me realize how much more effective I could be. After taking a long hard look at how I was teaching and what I was expecting of my students, I realized I was spending too much time trying to impart my knowledge and spending too little time allowing my students to construct their own. I discovered that primary age students are capable of a much deeper understanding of concepts than what we have always given them credit for.

Working with the AIW Institute helps to strengthen Professional Learning Communities by providing a clear focus: examining instructional practices to ensure that they meet the following criteria: construction of knowledge, disciplined inquiry, and value beyond school.

AIW Institute Within the 3-Year Roadmap

Within the EdLeader21 3-Year Roadmap, the AIW Institute can be found in Year 2, Step 6: Support Your Teachers and Students. EdLeader21 members can implement AIW to address the most critical need in education: improve instruction in order to enhance student learning. If you are an EdLeader21 member, be sure to read more about the AIW Institute, EdLeader21, and the 3-Year Roadmap. 

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